The relationship between language and learning is clear. It is an important tool in every area of education. Language is more than words put together – it’s empowerment!

The Greek language was the single most significant element in the formation of the Hellenic civilization and equally as influential in the formation of our Western Civilization.

We understand why the founding fathers of our American nation were such great admirers of the Greek civilization and why so many were good students of the Greek language. It is because a high percentage of the English vocabulary has words of Greek origin.

The Saint Spyridon Greek Language School for over 70 years has provided children and adults the opportunity to offer excellence in Hellenic education which includes the language, culture and heritage of Greece.

When your children study the Greek language they acquire valuable tools and keys which will open intellectual and spiritual worlds for them and will help them in their growth, maturity and education.

By adhering to the California Department of Education’s World Language Standards, theĀ  St. Spyridon Greek Language School has been deemed an accredited institution. The curriculum of the San Diego Greek Language School of St. Spyridon has been approved by the authorities of Public Education in San Diego City to earn language credit for San Diego City Public Schools, the University of California, and potentially at San Diego Countywide schools.